Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Fat Fiend

I have not worked out since I arrived in California...about 2 weeks ago. I have also been gorging on my mother's delicious cooking, eating disgusting fast food and processed meals (when we are on the road with not much of a choice), or stuffing my face with dim sum.

Other than the walking when we are out and about, sightseeing, I'm pretty much sitting on my rump all day. Rocking out with a small, plastic guitar with Rock band cannot really qualify as much of a physical exertion, sadly.
I know I should just lay back and enjoy my little piggy vacation..I can't help but notice my lowering energy level, my crankiness, and my feeling of bloat-y fatness.

I had hoped to be able to have access to a gym, but have been prepared to give up on the idea if it is too much work than it is worth it. I don't get to see my family very much; the last time I saw my parents was last year, and I probably won't see them again for another year. This vacation is about being with family, so I decided if I have to go through the process of joining a gym for a month, drive through traffic, work out, then drive through traffic back...it would not be worth it. I do miss going to the gym for some "me time"...but I can wait until vacation is over. I shall waddle off the plane, and be ready to gym it up with a vengeance.

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