Sunday, September 6, 2009


Sunday is probably my favorite day. Unlike Friday and Saturday, it is my shamelessly lazy and I-do-whatever-I-want day. As much as I like weekend errands like grocery shopping and visiting the farmer's market, and catching up with friends over coffees/drinks/ dinner/etc., on Sundays, I am not pressured to work or party.
To me, it is a day for spending time with loved ones - a nice way to end the week. Growing up, my parents and I always get dim sum on Sunday morning, then go grocery shopping together.

Now, I usually cook a yummy dinner, and veg out on the couch with my bf and on-demand a show (since the new seasons of Dexter and Californication are still not out yet, we're watching Nurse Jackie). Dishes that require long hours of marinating, braising, or roasting, have no place in a busy this is usually the day I take my sweet time, and cook something time consuming, while I lounge around the pad.

This Sunday, has been uber-lazy. I slept in, met the bf for lunch, then went to the gym to find out that it was closed for Labor Day. Booohoooo...or teeeheeee? It was a pretty good excuse to be off the hook for working out today, but I ended up going for a run. Now, I dislike all the conditions must be perfect in order for me to volunteer to do it. I like to run outside, because treadmills bore me, and I prefer running when it is cool out. I have to shamefully admit, we live right next to a city park, and our pretty neighborhood is all sidewalks and trees, but I don't go running often. When my girl friend talks about braving traffic, uneven sidewalks, and even, once, HAIL, to finish her run...I hang my head in shame.
I have no idea how far I ran today; I wasn't keeping track and just went at my own pace, and had quite a fun run (haha). So, I think I shall make it my fall+early winter fitness goal to go out and run more. I think I'm going to set goals, and, if I make them, I will reward myself with a new pair of running shoes. Hoorah!

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