Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Men Who Knit

The topic of gender-appropriate play and activities came up today, specifically with children, came up at

I commented and threw in my two cents - and I would like to add that upon consulting my boyfriend (after I had posted), he reminded me that he did not just play with My Little Pony's, but also wore his grandmother's clip-on earrings. That's what's awesome about children - they are truly free (or should be) to explore whatever they please, because they have not yet learned social roles and constraints.

So, this leads me to a thought: I don't have any male friends that knit! I know there are many men out there who knit - enough that there are books published and online communities formed, but why is it while all my female friends either knit or feel that they would like to learn to knit, none of my male friends would even admit any interest. I'm pretty sure having a pair of ovaries does not automatically give you the desire to knit. So...I'm going to make an arrogant statement and claim that these male friends (or at least some) may enjoy knitting, if given the opportunity, as much as I do, they just can't partake because it's not o.k.

This is why I've always appreciated these men who knit communities...knitting is therapeutic and is an artistic and creative expression...why can't men do it? You should never have to be painted as effeminate and bizarre because of what makes you happy.

And here I am complaining when people laugh at me for knitting because I am young and should be "out there enjoying life" i.e. partying and dancing on a bar. I guess I'll shut up about that now.

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